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What Is The National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) for Sheep And Goats?

NLIS is Australia's mandated system (in force since 2006) for the identification and tracing of sheep, lambs and farmed goats. The flock based system uses visually readable ear tags printed with your Property Identification Code (PIC) and the NLIS logo, which stay with the animal for life.

When these tags are used in conjunction with approved movement documentation (such as a waybill, or NVD), NLIS Sheep and Goats allow animals to be traced back to the property of birth and/or last property of residence.

NlIS Sheep And Goat Requirements.

From 1 January 2006
  • All properties running sheep or farmed goats require a Property Identification Code (PIC). To register for a PIC select this link.
  • All lambs and kids born after 1 January 2006 must be identified with a breeder tag before leaving the property of birth. Use of the year of birth colour is optional but strongly recommended. An initial 12 cents per tag subsidy is payable for the year of birth colour breeder tags for 2006 & 2007, and pink post breeder tags.
  • A Safemeat approved NVD (with accompanying Animal Health Statement) is required for all movements of sheep and goats between properties not covered by the same PIC. This includes movements to abattoirs, saleyards, agistment, shows and the like. Movement records must be kept for seven years.
  • There is currently no Animal Health Statement for Goats. For information on National Vendor Declarations (NVD's) select this link.
From 1 January 2009
  • Sheep and goats born before 1 January 2006 must be identified before leaving their property of consignment.
Until 2008, lambs and farmed goats consigned direct to slaughter "over the hooks" (OTH) will be exempt from tagging unless; specified by the customer. Harvested feral goats will be exempt from mandatory tagging.